Nothing sounds wrong in the C-70, until it's replaced with the C-80, the rest of the system staying the same. Table en épicéa; Fond et éclisses en méranti; Manche en nato; Touche en palissandre; Diapason: 650 mm (25,59") Plus d'infos. ), This three-way adjustability in each band gives the C-70's equalizer section a flexibility undreamed of in conventional tone controls. Préamplificateur YAMAHA C2a Créé le 07 Fév 2020 17:18 20 Avr 2020 18:03 [VENDU] Préampli Yamaha CX-1 Créé le 05 Déc 2019 14:57 13 Déc 2019 13:28 [VENDU] Yamaha cx-a5000 Créé le 04 Mai 2018 19:54 05 Mai 2018 8:42 Préampli Yamaha C70 à réviser C-60 amplifier pdf manual download. Interesting tone & loudness too. Asking Price: CAD $ 400.00. Vous devez être connecté pour vous renseigner sur cette annonce. disponible à l'achat sur notre boutique en ligne. The unit will smoothly adapt to the power amp gain and speaker sensitivity, enabling you to make fine volume adjustments. C-70 amplifier pdf manual download. Switches the preamp gain. A noter la possibilité de connecter 3 paires d’enceintes sur l’ampli. From United States +C $7.88 shipping. The owner reported it was experiencing some trouble, and had a number of LEDs burnt out on the front panel power meter. C $264.24. (2x200 sous 8ohms et 2x250 sous 4 ohms). The Yamaha C-70 Stereo Control Amplifier reflects an immense amount of research and development, vast technological resources and years of accumulated experience in Natural Sound amplifier design. Guitare classique. Pre-Owned. IMGP6652.JPG (265.35 Kio) Vu 4119 fois . This gives a good range of choices. disponible à l'achat sur notre boutique en ligne. 170 € DPA 4061-OC-C-F03. I bought the C-45 Yamaha preamp in the mid 1980s. (The latter, however, are insensitive to loading and will therefore work equally well with any of those settings.) Yamaha C70. Find great deals on eBay for yamaha c-70 and yamaha m-70. Si vous continuez à utiliser ce site, nous supposerons que vous en êtes satisfait. C-50. C $10.82; Buy It Now +C $8.13 shipping; From United States; Yamaha C-70 Preamp Review, 2 pg, 1983, Rare Info! Buy It Now +$3.00 shipping. SOLD - FOR SALE: Pending to Don -Yamaha C-80 Preamp . Pan coupé : Non: Table d'harmonie: Epicéa: Fond et éclisses: Meranti: Micro: Non: Touche: Palissandre: Largeur au sillet en mm: 52,00 mm: Diapason: 650 mm: Couleur: Naturel: Etui: Non: Housse incl. Yamaha provides jack caps to cover the two pair that are not in use-at once keeping out dust and preventing incorrect connections. Evidently Yamaha doesn't expect this preamp to be used with any sources that rate less than good. There is also a recording selector, whose options include dubbing in either direction between the two decks for which there are connections. Yamaha C-70 Preamplifier The C-70 uses solenoid/relay switching with gold contact surfaces to minimize noise and keep the actual signal switches in the circuits to which they pertain. Date Posted: Nov 02, 17 3:15pm (PST) Edited: Nov 05, 17 9:55am. Better bass, especially. This unit looks like it was serviced once before, there was evidence of quite a bit of re-soldering in the power supply section with a good number of replaced capacitors and transistors. Watch; Results matching fewer words. It’s possible to download the document as PDF or print. Je privilégie la vente de l’ensemble. En dépit de son aspect assez quelconque ce préampli jouit cependant d'une bonne réputation et dispose de fonctionnalités interessantes. Le célèbre CINEMA DSP HD3 de Yamaha, combiné avec Dolby Atmos® et DTS:X™, offre une expérience Home Cinema époustouflante. From the top of Yamaha's "Natural Sound" line of audio separates come the C-80 preamplifier (Yamaha prefers to call it a "control amplifier") and the M-80 power amplifier. For more information, refer to “Adjusting the volume level” (page 30). Vends préampli YAMAHA C70 accompagné de son ampli de puissance YAMAHA MX70. We don't find this incarnation as easy to use as that in the C-6, however. As you can see in the illustration, the loading switch and Phono 1/2 selector are among the controls that are found behind a flip-down door (which, incidentally, provides a control identification when you look down on it in the open position-a nice touch). From United States +C $35.46 shipping. Manual Library / Yamaha. Share the user manual or guide on Facebook, Twitter or Google+. DSL's measurements show that the center-frequency knob js quite accurately calibrated as such things go-as are the boost/cut dials, which have a range of ±12 dB. Have a look at the manual Yamaha C70 Manual online for free. made in japan.serial#11073 , audiophile preamp thats being sold "as is" for parts or repair. C-6. They can be purchased and used separately, but their all-black finishes harmonize, and the preamp can be stacked on top of the power amp. The high filter also has a 12-dB-per-octave slope and an extreme turnover frequency-10 kHz in this case, which just takes the edge off some very-high-frequency effects. We tested them together, and they performed very well indeed. Stereo Control Amplifier (1982-83) (3 reviews) Specifications. Yamaha C-70 Preamp Review, 2 pg, 1983, Rare Info! Pre-Owned. Fonctionne très bien, quelques traces d’usure sur les capots de protection. This is a very good-sounding preamp, and though it looks quite similar to both the C-50 and C-70 it sounds MUCH better. Yamaha C-70 Pré-Amplificateur Hifi Vintage . Choices: −12 dB, −6 dB, 0 dB F. OUTPUT selector Specifies which OUTPUT jacks will output signals, as follows: Login or register to post reviews. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Un ensemble cohérent alliant puissance (2 x 170 watts sous 8 ohms) et finesse (le préampli C70 est l’un des meilleurs produit par le constructeur avec de nombreux réglages, 2 entrées phono possible en MM ou MC, possibilité d’y connecter 2 ampli de puissance,…). C'est un modèle très intéressant pour les débutants. $13.00. The phono loading control provides three different capacitance options, in parallel with the standard 47,000-ohm resistance, for use with fixed-coil or high-output moving-coil pickups. But the most impressive of these concealable features are the parametric tone controls. Total harmonic distortion: 0.001%. natural sound stereo control amplifier. The controls are all rotary, are smaller, and are recessed, making them both harder to get at and less clearly differentiated graphically. L’essai sur place avant achat est préférable à un envoi, vous pouvez amener votre source, vos CD. Obviously, this is another superlative preamp from Yamaha. Info: Pending to Don -Yamaha C-80 Preamp. I have had several different Yamaha preamps-the C4,C70,c85 and the C1. Yamaha Pre Amplifiers. We also find it more useful than the multislider (though usually fairly simple) graphic equalizers built into some equipment by way of super tone controls, though the comparison is potentially unfair because of the usually significantly higher cost of a parametric design such as Yamaha's. A noter la possibilité de connecter 3 paires d’enceintes sur l’ampli. View and Download Yamaha C-60 owner's manual online. Yamaha C-4 preamplifier preamp vintage Natural Sound Stereo Control Amplifier. This Yamaha C-70 pre-amp came through the shop for an overhaul after the owner reported it was starting to experience problems. Un ensemble cohérent alliant puissance (2 x 170 watts sous 8 ohms) et finesse (le préampli C70 est l’un des meilleurs produit par le constructeur avec de nombreux réglages, 2 entrées phono possible en MM ou MC, possibilité d’y connecter 2 ampli de puissance,…). K&L Deluxe Multi Carburetor Carb Synchronizer Vacuum Gauge Tuner Tool sync atv (Fits: C70) Brand New. Les façades sont en très bon état. C-70. The unit has high input overload on phono magnetic preamp section.I no longer utilize the phono section but find the two tape inputs and outputs handy with the associated features. Achetez votre Yamaha C70 sur, Guitare et Basse à un prix à couper le souffle ! This Yamaha M-70 power amplifier came through the shop recently for an overhaul. It's also very flat through the high-level circuitry: Although we don't bother to show it among our data (the fact that it's only 'A dB down at 105 kHz tells the story), response does not drop by 3 dB until 422 kHz. offer 255 Yamaha manuals and user’s guides for free. Pre-Owned. Yamaha C70. Autres couleurs disponibles. 90 watchers. Natural Sound Stereo Control Amplifier. (The bandwidth controls are calibrated in arbitrary numbers. Chaque produit de ce nouveau système 70e anniversaire possède un marquage spécial et des numéros de série correspondants. Watch; Yamaha C-70 Preamp Review,1982,2 pgs,Full Test. Yamaha says the direct phono inputs are intended to "ensure the shortest possible signal path with the minimum number of switch contacts [between] the cartridge and the amplifier." Each has a concentric control with elements for the bandwidth affected and the degree of boost or cut (the latter with a center detent at the "flat" position). 24 Evaluations . PARIS Chatelet: 06 31 29 80 90 - 06 12 13 18 79 - 06 31 29 80 90 -;- BOURG la REINE sur Rendez vous - 0687613737 --- As Diversified Science Laboratories' data show, the resistive loading is a hair lower than nominal (negligibly so), and the listed capacitances evidently are those of the shunt capacitors alone: Actual values measure 130, 250, and 360 picofarads, rather than the 100, 220, and 330 picofarads of the switch markings. unit powers up, all the lights function but i just cant get any sound out of it, i have know idea what could be wrong with it. Item #649389473. C $10.50. Shop with confidence. C $17.61; Buy It Now +C $8.13 shipping; From United States; Yamaha NS-C70 Center Speaker- free shipping. Reviews. The unit is cheap nowadays considering what some preamps are priced at. Ces instruments peu onéreux offrent un niveau de savoir-faire artisan, de qualité, de performances, de son et de possibilités de jeu que Yamaha est seul à offrir dans cette catégorie. shipping usa. (Conventional mechanical switching requires that all signals be routed to the front panel and back again.) Nous utilisons des cookies pour vous garantir la meilleure expérience sur notre site internet. Either a major failure occurred, or it was factory re-work. Le système se compose de deux nouveaux produits : l’amplificateur à tube 70e anniversaire MC2152 et le préamplificateur 70e anniversaire également à tube McIntosh C70. My only con is the look, I think the unit is way too dark. The C-70 uses solenoid/relay switching with gold contact surfaces to minimize noise and keep the actual signal switches in the circuits to which they pertain. Yamaha C-70 Preamp Review,1982,2 pgs,Full Test. Free returns. Petites annonces spécialisées HiFi et Home-cinéma. There are four sets of gold input jacks on the back panel. Featuring a frequency response of 5 Hz to 100 kHz, this Yamaha amplifier enables you to amplifies a range of sounds. for sale a vintage yamaha c-70 stereo pre amplifier. What more can we say? About Seller: Follow user . The subsonic filter in this Yamaha C-70 ensures that you get a distortion-free sound. Signal-to-noise ratio is also exceptional (thanks in part, apparently, to what Yamaha calls its Varigain volume-control design). Avec l'amplificateur MX-A5200 AVENTAGE, profitez des performances et de la polyvalence hors pair du Home Cinema. $7.99. To this end, the equalizer/tone-control circuitry and defeat switch, the high filter, the mode switch, and the input selector are all bypassed by signals arriving via these jacks when you push DISC DIRECT just above the selector group. La C70 est peut-être l'une des guitares classiques les moins chères de la gamme Yamaha, mais sa qualité et le son qu'elle produit sont exceptionnels. View and Download Yamaha C-70 owner's manual online. A separate knob dials the center frequency of the band in which the other two will operate: anywhere between 800 Hz and 20 kHz in the treble and 31.5 and 800 Hz in the bass. Non: Produits asso Buy It Now. Specifically the record output selector switch. Envoi possible en 2 colis par Mondial Relay (ajouter 33 euros de frais de port, 20 euros pour l’ampli qui pèse 15 kgs et 13 euros pour le préampli qui pèse 7 kgs). You can use MM and MC simultaneously (assuming you have two turntables and one pickup of each type), selecting the one you want to hear at the phono loading control next to the Phono 1/2 switch. J'ai également l'ampli M70 disponible, mais il est à réviser, condos chimiques fatigués, il a du mal à démarrer, mais après c'est du lourd !!!! Shop by category ... Yamaha C-70 Preamp Review,1982,2 pgs,Full Test. We've played vinyl, a tuner (nice Yamaha … Yamaha M-70 Natural Sound Amplifier Repair » 13 Nov 2017 @ 7:13 pm # Audio # Electronics # Hi-Fi # Repair Blog # Stereo # Vintage. Watch Report This Ad. (The C-6 used a beautifully judged combination of one slider, one medium-size knob, and one small knob in each of the two bands; the C-70's knobs are easier to confuse.). Pre-Owned. 40 bids +$41.44 shipping. A pickup requiring this last configuration hasn't yet come our way. One covers the low end of the spectrum, the other the treble. C-65. Time left 1h 58m left. Yamaha C-70 Pre-amplifier This control amplifier has been in my stereo system for many years until recently I switch to tube gear for different taste. Reviewed Apr 23rd, 2017 by . And the handling of phono signals is considerably more advanced than it was in the C-6. There are both inverting and noninverting outputs, so that absolute phase can be maintained with any power amp-a subject of considerable interest among some audiophiles, though its importance remains a matter for debate. Payment method: Cash, Money Wire, Interac/EMT: Condition: 8 - Very good (?) Achetez votre Yamaha C80 sur, Guitare et Basse à un prix à couper le souffle ! Ce système à 11 canaux incarne la quête de la pureté du son et une flexibilité inégalée. 444 € ... Sadowsky Onboard Bass Preamp (4-Knob System), prewired onboard bass preamp for J-style basses with metal control plate, active preamp for passive pickups, 4-knob layout with controls for Master Volume / Balance / Vintage Tone Control (P/P) / Treble and Bass... 161 € Aller au produit. $516.00 . The first two are marked Phono 1 and Phono 2, respectively, and are selected by a switch on the front panel; the other two are collectively labeled direct phono-MM (fixed-coil) and MC (moving-coil), respectively. As you can see, it is in very good physical cosmetic condition. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. prabie Excellent pre, one of the best turntable sections you could find allowing you to have MM & MC connected at the same time.
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