And I have difficulties to find an other Turkish drama like this one ! Also Known As: Fatıma Gul, Izgubljena čast, Fatimagul – Benim’un Suçu Ne, ¿Qué culpa tiene? Reply. *****spoiler alert***** Watch Video. washeela adams 2 months ago i would like to watch fatmagul with english subtitles however i dont own a credit card. Watch Video. I have found a site that is privately hosting the episodes. You can find English translations on youtube - fatmagulsucunedotcom. Why would you want to be raped by 4 people??…. it has its own forum page in english as well…with the same name. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Where can I watch Season 2 with English Subs. A very written , Well acted, xcellently produced and fabulously directed play. plx help me :((. This is not Fatmagul and Kerim thank you for an eventual answer and I really really recommend this show, you’re not gonna regret it !! Permalink. Season 3 is... Karen Said: Yes, where is Season 2 and 3 on Netflix with English subtitles? As a Muslim I couldn’t understand how a marriage could take place and yet consummation denied. Maybe he might be cold on her but that doesn’t mean his love for her will be gone coz she is his one true love. He is superb in this series and I dont know what this fan at least will do when the series ends- how to fill the gap – I hope the channel or channels are planning some more gorgeous love stories for him to do. I don't think so if it's dubbed in Hindi or not. salam i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this drama very much,iam a crazy fan of karim and fatmagul, i want 2 watch this drama with english subtitle can any 1 plz tel me the website where 2 watch this drama. ... hello, i was wondering where can i watch episode 72 till 78 of fatmagul. Add Fatmagul to your Watchlist to find out when it's coming back. Amanat – Part 45 . You can find many American cartoons dubbed in Turkish (just google), or watch some Turkish ones like Pepe I am annoyed by this one, but should be good for learners :) Feel free to recommend other TV shows! In What is Fatmagul’s Fault tv series story which is the adaptation of Vedat Turkali’s novel, you will explore a dramatic story of a beautiful and innocent girl. Well it depends on your native language. Yes, vural will die at the end of season 1. can anyone tell me the adress of this drama with english subtitle plllllllzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. thanks. therefore no matter how fatimagul would describe the crime, saying or not saying the names of rapists, would not affect the result and still Mustafa was going to turn his back and story goes as it went. Reality based,superb acting by everyone,strong script and very touchy story I like fatmagulun sucu ne the Best Turkish drama aver. Ultra HD. *****spoiler alert***** I disagree with you. Turkish TV Series & Drama | Dubbed in Hindi & Urdu Languages. In the novel Kerim also raped Fatmagul and unlike the hero in the series, he felt disgusted with her at first for being raped by so many men. Fatmagul Fatmagul – Fatmagul is beautiful, innocent and naive, she is engaged to her childhood sweetheart Mustafa and is looking forward Page 3/21 Method 1: Simply click "play" on the embedded video of the related Episode and watch the streaming video. The series revolves around Fatmagul (Beren) and Kerim (Engin) who are the lead characters. Fatmagul's restaurant pics... Fatmagul ki rasooi.. Where Fatmagul used to earn for her living. (You may have to click the "CC" icon to show the subtitles). Hollywood, bollywood and others nothing, compared with this one…marvellous…excellent. in seconds. For fans of What is Fatmagul’s Fault? All series are reformatted to be in best video quality. He was there… watched everything,but he didn’t do anything (his biggest mistake) He should’ve saved her from those dipshits,but he didn’t… cuz he was drunk and drugged. ... and FREE. thisshow is a super duper hit in pakistan. Or even dare to be with that person? Fatmagul seeks refuge from Asu, while Kerim searches for her. If its forced its nothing else than marital-rape. ere is episode 2 of the popular Turkish TV series Fatmagulun Sucu Ne (What is Fatmagul's Fault?). The series, first broadcast in Turkey in 2010, revolves around two characters; Fatmagul and Kerim. Audio CD. (transl.What is Fatmagül's fault?) Watch full episodes of Fatmagul and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at Thanks!! One thing i want you to know, if Fatima Gul told the police and Mustafa what really happens and who are rapists i dont see any complication with their lives. This is my question to you if you are in Fatima Gul situation will you fall in love with the person who is part of the crime? Later on the lawyer uncle and parents of rich guys pressurize Fatmagul to marry Kerim by bribing her sister in law. hi,pls where nd how can i get the one with english subtitle. people love it so much ENgin AKYUREK IS THE MOST FAVORITE TURKISH actor in pakistan. he was the only one out of the group that didn’t rape her , he was forced to marry her because the guys that did forced him to take all the blame, Although it is a well written show with good actors and actresses… I find this TV show quite absurd. Secondly if you are too desperate to watch it, watch with english subtitles. Youtube Channel:, You Might Also Like He left fatma Gul and didn’t want to do anything with her, Kerim didn’t rape fatma Gul, he was just happened to be there and his fault was that, he showed to those drunk guys her, as they were not themselves, they started to make a mess without knowing what they were doing. 3. Fatmagul who is a small town girl is raped one night by 3 guys under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 2 offers from $970.43. Now, Fatmagul is alone and has no choice, but to get married to Kerim. congrats Krim n Fatimagul. It doesn’t relate to religion/country, its basic humanity and as everyone around the world can relate to human emotions, this drama is a blockbuster. I am a T... Diana Johnson: My mom and I love this show!! Does anyone know where I can watch "afili ask" with english subtitles. Watch Feriha season 1 and season 2 online in Hindi. What's Fatmagul's Fault? would suicide after being raped, although they have 100 percent victim of other people crimes! ), produced by Ay Yapım, and broadcast on Turkish TV channel Kanal D. . Kerim who is friends with Erdogan, Selim and Vurl is also present during this incident. Beren Saat’s last drama. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The twists and turns taken in this drama bring to fore the karma, justice & the strength of a woman. The series revolves around Fatmagul (Beren) and Kerim (Engin) who are the lead characters. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I love this drama and all character specialy the lead characters engin akyurek and beren saat very strong acting by everyone. If in case you already finished to watch this series you can also try Seref Meselsi if i am not mistaken with the tittle, then let me know what you think about the series. for English Speakers is on Facebook. I swear this is the best tv series i’ve ever watch. Note: for your new payment to take effect, you will need to force close and restart the UNOW app on your Android device. Even though fatma Gul and Kerim were married by force, Kerim never forced Fatm Gul to live like a married couple as he knew that story messed fatma Gul up… He proved himself and showed that he was the nice gentleman, and got fatmaguls heart, after all of these, Mustafa lost his mind and wanted to hurt Fatmagul and take a revenge from her by giving her a hard time… What did he want out of her, the relationship between him and Fatmagul had ended long time ago, she moved on with her life and he started to stalk her all over the places. Capítulos Completos de Fatmagul en español Thank you so much for your time and effort. I love this drama love kerim and fatmagul their couple is very mindblowing and awsum, Best turkish drama ever seen love u Engin akyurek and beren saat. Fatmagul who is a small town girl is raped one night by 3 guys under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Powerful exceptional acting, great production value…WATCH IT…you won’t regret it. on youtube ! Notifications. i liked fatimagul drama very much.i liked it…………. In this episode Fatmagul is found by Miriam, a local healer and also Kerim's older sister, on the beach after the horrible rape. First when the incident happened, Mustafa left Fatmagul and got involved with a different woman and got the big money from those people who were crimes and wanted to be one of them and live large…. Now you can watch EZEL Seasons 1 and 2 on Youtube!!! TV Serial – Fatmagul Star cast – Beren Saat, Engin Akyurek, Firat, Esra, Bugra Gulson and Kaan Tasaner Genre – Family Drama Channel – Zindagi Release Date – Coming Soon. for English Speakers is on Facebook. Where can I watch? hope its mustafa. The series is written by the duo Ece Yörenç and Melek Gençoğlu. Don’t worry, you can simply update your information in the Google Play Store to keep watching your favorite shows, news and sports today. Watch Masumlar Apartmani episode 10 Full With English Subtitle Masumlar Apartmani episode 10 Full With English Subtitle. It also highlights how hate can be transformed into a intimate relationship. The Best Shows and Movies to Watch This Week: Hulu Black Friday Deal 2020: Get a Year of Hulu for $1.99 Per Month, Hallmark Christmas Movie Schedule 2020: The Holiday Marathon Is Already Underway. Will Mustafa catch up with Fatmagul and learn the truth? and as for Kerim, it will be find out, that although Kerim was also drunk and under drug pills, thus could not remember a thing of that night, but he had not touched Fatimagul that night, he simply couldn’t and he will find it out, later when one of the other three will tell him, but of course he feel ashamed because he neither touched her, but nor protect her and just has been a silent witness, and the fact that he was the first person who saw Fatimagul and showed her to others, that there is a girl, with no intention of hurting her, in fact none of them but ARDOVAN had such a intention in first place. We recommend adding new websites in the bookmarks section to personalize your content. how many rocks of crack have you smoked??? Reply. Mar 29, 2018 - Stream Full Episodes of "Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?" Rajan: I have never been this disappointed for expecting reasonable ending. She is the iron lady who keeps Fatmagul’s hopes alive and stays by her side no matter what. Official Site: Watch Video. Well written. Kerim has not taken any part in this but is feeling remorse as he was present during the incident. there u can download the subtitles if u want. Then you tell me if you learn a leasson with this series or at least say that this is more likely realistic and the best series ever that you’ve ever seen in your entire life? Fatmagul who is a small town girl is raped one night by 3 guys under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Im a crazy fan of fatma series it makes me cry,laugh,angry,smile and force to believe in pure love i jst love the character of kareem and fatmagul. Broadcast Period: September 16, 2010 – June 21, 2012 i absolutely agree. Fatmagul english subbed episodes, fatmagul news and information the Turkish culture especially in those rural areas, consider Fatimagul a dirty girl after being raped by 4, the movie clearly challenges this culture and Fatima gul become a role model because she stands up against it,, it is not just and of course totally wrong, but this is how it is, these people considers Fatimagul as left over of four other men, and that is why many girls in middle east, Pakistan, India, Turkey, Iran, …. 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. The book is based on a real story, but the series changes most of it and just leaves the theme of rape and marriage to one of the rapists and the names of some of the protagonists. Feriha in Hindi - Here we will tell you how you can watch all episodes of Feriha in Hindi. A rape victim turned into a powerful women. Full Series: every season & episode. She created a Youtube channel where you can also watch Season 1, which is no longer available on Viki. What's Fatmagul's Fault? Anyway this is by far one of the best TV shows to ever come out of Turkey. There's also a wide selection of languages available, with everything from English to Farsi. The original Turkish title of Fatmagul is Fatmagul Sucu Ne (What is Fatmagul's Fault? For the beginning, you can also try cartoons. The script lacks universal appeal on this score. for free online | Synopsis: Fatmagul Sucu Ne is a story based on novel. Feriha is available on Mx Player. This is the best drama that I’ve ever seen !! With Mukaddes' help news of Fatmagul reaches the Yasaran Family. I have to agree with you that the story is beyond fantasy. i used to watch turkish dramas years back but thn stopped watching,watchd fatma guk after many years n its awsommmmmme. Are you really sure that this series is vased on a real life story? TURKFLICK - Now you can enjoy watching Turkish TV series in multi-language subtitles. sorry…but kerim will win fatmagul’s heart coz mustafa turned out to be a bad guy…and something will happen to mustafa but i wont tell so u would look forward seeing the show..its great,,,watch it!!! The movie is there on YouTube but there are no subtitles ! here in Dubai I cant find that cd…where can I buy..pls pls any one knows pls reply me. Where can I watch Season 2 with English Subs. To watch the Arabic dubbed version, click here. For this you can blame me and my lazyness, as I do. Fatmagul, a small town girl, is raped one night by three rich drunk guys named Erdogan, Selim, and Vural. November 28, 2020. The victim ends up married with one of the guys who rapped her? ?i love the chemistry btw fatma and kerim fatmagul is getting very popular in pakistan and get high ratingz many love for BerEngin <3 stay blessed, hey evry1 I jst luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv vural I m big fan ov vural. There are no TV airings of Fatmagul in the next 14 days. Imdb: You don’t have to agree with me . one of the best turkish series I have ever seen. Sorry to disagree Rose, if Mustafa become a bad boy as you say it is to protect himself and take revenge to the real bad guys coz its not only Fatima Gul we can consider as a victim Mustafa also coz due to the incedent his future was also ruined. If you enjoy good storytelling, then here are top 6 reasons to watch Fatmagul. He did not take any part in the rape, but is in deep remorse as he did nothing to stop the incident After the success of a Turkish love story TV show called Feriha, Zindagi is back with its yet another Turkish Drama called Fatmgul. Using our search tool, you can find your favorite films and series as they become available across a variety of different channels. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. i have searched alot bt hvnt found any site n i’m dying to watch this drama. The videos are temporarily available and password protected and I have no control of when they will be removed. anyway i have not finish it yet, but i already watched 170 episodes out of almost 200, and it is a nice drama worth watching (it is not that outstanding TV serial, but it is nice and touchy). fatmagul episode 1 with english subtitles, turkish drama with english subtitles, turkish series with english subtitles Kerim who is friends with Erdogan, Selim and Vurl is also present during this incident. English Wikipedia: 2-) Download the subtitles file provided by us. Sign in with your Netflix account to watch instantly on the web at from your personal computer or on any internet-connected device that offers the Netflix app, including smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, streaming media players and game consoles. Plz plz tell me. I’ve finished to watch it today and at every end of an episode I was crying ! He spends a long time trying to convince her that he didn’t do anything,but still he recognize he’s to blame for that,but at least he didn’t do it. Will the rape shade the innocence? Why did the article say she was raped by 4 guys??? The series, first broadcast in Turkey in 2010, revolves around two characters; Fatmagul and Kerim. With Mukaddes' help news of Fatmagul reaches the Yasaran Family. Watch Turkish Shows Online In Hindi FERIHA WATCH ONLINE Kuzey Guney WATCH ONLINE A Love Story WATCH ONLINE Brave And Beautiful WATCH ONLINE Fatmagul WATCH ONLINE Relationship Status:It’s Complicated WATCH ONLINE The Protector WATCH ONLINE Diriliş Ertugrul WATCH ONLINE MedCezir WATCH ONLINE Emergency Love WATCH ONLINE The Gift WATCH ONLINE Little Lord WATCH … ! is a Turkish television drama series produced by Ay Yapım and broadcast on Kanal D.The series is based on Vedat Türkali's scenario, Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne?, which was made into a film in 1986, Hülya Avşar as Fatmagül. I hope to sind to u my story to be drama,can i? for English Speakers, join Facebook today. In order to shade the sins of rapists and protect them, Fatmagul is forced to remain slient and get married to one of her rapists. Can you please upload with subtitles the Movie "Fatmagulun Sucu Ne?" Feriha is available on Mx Player. I’ve been so sad when i finished it… Fatmagul and Kerim gonna miss me so much. you can download the english subtitles from this website, Wonderful turkish series ever Beren saat and Engin akyurek you both are great actors love and miss both of you sooooo much, fatumya kerim kerim mother all of you best actress you showed as how rape is so bad and crime. the channel is showing it for the 4th time on fans demand and requests. Fatmagul Episode 7 with English Subtitles to see click here: In order to shade the sins of rapists and protect them, Fatmagul is forced to remain slient and get married to one of her rapists. Reply. you can watch it on youtube but its in turkish. Your email address will not be published. however you can download the episodes and watch them with subtitles. She’s just a victim. I am willing to pay for services if … Watch Video. I have found a site that is privately hosting the episodes. The series is written by the duo Ece Yörenç and Melek Gençoğlu. so how do i go abt to watch this series. I love characters fatmagul and kerim. Watch anywhere, anytime, on an unlimited number of devices. He did not take any part in the rape, but is in deep remorse as he did nothing to stop the incident 6. Watch Feriha season 1 and season 2 online in Hindi. Find out when and where you can watch Fatmagul episodes with TVGuide's full tv listings - you'll never miss another moment from your favorite show! hi every love fatimagul show but want to watch uncut in turkish or eng sub as youtube is ban in pakistan. For this you can blame me and my lazyness, as I do. ?..i am a pakistani viewer …….. i want to know the end of this drama bcz i am luving this drama ..wat will happen wid mustafa,kareem n fatimagul? The television industry has played a pivotal role in increasing Turkey's entertainment industry popularity in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North Africa.Turkish series are mostly produced in Istanbul, as television companies chose to settle there after the wave of liberalization for private television in the 1990s. – English subtitles (full episode) Here is the Password to watch the video below: berensaat Fatmagul / Fatmagül'ün suçu ne The Complete TV Series (4 Box) (60 dvd) [No-English subs]: Beren Saat, Civan Canova, Engin Akyürek, Hilal Saral: Movies & TV
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