We'll spend our mornings and late afternoons exploring the wildlife of South Africa, and the mid day will be filled with a banjo workshop that should be fun and rewarding. How is it that this is so? ...Thank you Ross for all of your help. When this individually selected wood is built into a banjo with the genuine Deering -06-bronze tone ring, 3-ply violin grade maple rim, and one piece zinc flange, the result is a banjo that is so bright, crisp and clear that every note pops out of this banjo with precision and power. See the banjos closeup and hear different models so you can compare better. I agree that all things being equal, in this case the mahogany sounded better when you were playing by yourself and on this microphone, but there are different uses for the two woods so give it some time. The class sizes are small ensuring that each student receives the assistance and encouragement they need. The workshop takes place during the days we are at sea so you can visit all ports and still have plenty of time for fun with your spouse, family or friends while on the cruise. Both banjos have a speed neck upgrade. Then on a mahogany banjo, if you prefer the mellower sound but you need it brighter in certain situations, you might find yourself making adjustments to brighten it, like a thinner bridge or slightly tighter head. Able to leap tall people in a single bound?I agree you should get one of each, I have a STACK of them over here. All I can tell you is that when I was shopping for a new banjo I was so sure that I wanted a mahogany - that warm sound ya know? Banjo#3: Osborne maple Chief Banjo#4: Yates Ron Stewart mahogany, with recent rim and ring upgrade. Huber Workhorse Banjo Review by JDMC (Maple & Mahogany) - Duration: 2:08. Does it make any difference with the reverb? Now featuring a walnut neck, the Deering Deluxe truly stands out as a banjo with it's own tone. Ronnie Hatley, owner of Ron's Pickin' Parlor, compares the Sullivan V35 Maple and Sullivan V35 Mahogany banjos. Now a days for me, in the studio, you record stuff, then ask the engineer to play it back, and then you hear what you like and what you don't and redo it based on that. We are adding new videos all the time. anyway, I decided to try a Yates walnut, and I love it. Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Copyright 2020 Banjo Hangout. The black mylar head creates a phenomenal sounding modern banjo! What do you like/don't like about it? Laurence Diehl - Posted - 03/15/2014:  23:07:47. I bet the next maple recording you make will sound more like the mahogany than it did before you heard the differences that you liked. ... item 3 New Oscar Schmidt OB5 5-String Banjo Mahogany Resonator Bluegrass Cast Tonering 3 - New Oscar Schmidt OB5 5-String Banjo Mahogany Resonator Bluegrass Cast … Since then I've written/recorded over 20 Banjo Books and Banjo DVDs , was the first to offer Banjo Lessons Online and have grown into a banjo store with over 1000 products. Mahogany. You'll find lots of comparisons for different woods, makers, luthiers etc. The links below provide past discussions about this very subject. maple is going to sound the brightest, have the most crack and bite. Features a 30 bracket cast aluminum tone ring, mahogany resonator (spalted maple on the OB5SP) and geared 5th string tuner. I don't have any experience with walnut. What are you seeking to change? Live recordings of the band teach me a lot too. The Rustic Wreath is a stunning and affordable walnut stained maple banjo that honors the heritage of the instrument while taking on a sleek, minimalist feel. BanjoTeacher.com has been at the forefront of banjo instruction since 2001.  Shopping Advice For instance the microphone EQ, the type of bridge, head tension, things to mellow it out. The Banjo ukulele is patterned after banjolele from the 1920s and 1930s—the height of the instruments popularity. This is most likely due to the fact that Earl Scruggs, the king of bluegrass banjo, played a maple banjo and had a very bright tone. The walnut banjo seemed to have the most balanced sound and retained the note articulation of the maple banjo. Hey guys, I currently own a Gretsch mahogany set and am thinking about upgrading to a different kind of shell. Jake Stogdill Guitar 17,557 views. It vintages, as evidenced above.Mahogany has a lower knock note, fewer fibers, but it transfers the vibes very well.I think Nechville is using rims that are 1-1/2" deep. the-fish - Posted - 03/18/2014:  13:44:55. for me walnut has always been something that I did NOT like. Resonator vs Open Back: An open-back banjo … Realizing these banjos had different tone rings, so that may account for more of the note decay than the wood in the neck!Don't make neck wood your first specification for a banjo in hopes of achieving a certain sound. Helix said, "Mahogany is more COPPER colored in tone, warm, bass resident." The maple usually has a more decorative appearance than the mahogany. Hey banjogirlygirl, try going on youtube and researching various banjo models and woods. The recordings definitely reveal some stuff I need to work on.Ross Nickerson's replyHi Gary, I would agree that it is for sure mellower on the mahogany, but the 12th fret on Groundspeed really popped though on the maple neck. wwwhelixbanjos.com( ))===='===::}, Edited by - Helix on 03/16/2014 04:51:27, The Old Timer - Posted - 03/16/2014:  08:42:10. For a medium bright banjo with nice sweetness, choose a walnut neck and resonator. What are your opinions on the difference in the banjo's wood? Got an hour or two? In the end, it's very likely you'll make your choice based on one particular banjo and how it suits you best overall. In practical terms, what it boils down to is if you own a maple, sometimes you do things to make it sound mellower. I've owned both over the years but never one of each of a similar style, at the same time, that I could do a side by side comparison with until recently. So says a gal who has had straight-grain maple, curly maple, mahogany, and walnut (and 2 weeks ago tried a couple of cherry Pruchas). With lots of hard work along with the experience and knowledge gained playing and teaching banjo we have the expertise you need. It does for all of us and I would record myself a lot on an old cassette recorder when I was first learning. Nick Danger - Posted - 03/15/2014:  15:42:13. 2:08 “40 Years Of Trouble” - By Spillwater Drive Bluegrass Band - … Walnut banjos fall somewhere in the middle of the two. Maybe someone else might be able to but it's not a stark contrast by any means. Banjos made of mahogany are popular with artists who prefer a warmer, softer, sweeter tone. Banjo Reviews for Goldtone Banjos, Recording King Banjos, Morgan Monroe, Electric banjos, six string banjos, bluegrass banjos, clawhammer banjos, travel banjos banjo ukes, 4-string banjos and the many banjos we service and carry. Weekly newsletter includes free lessons, favorite member content, banjo news and more. I then recorded the same songs again. What picker do you like the sound of and what is your favorite recorded banjo sound? I am to be teaming up with our professional Safari guides Kevin and Tricia Dooley on an adventure that none of us will forget. With optional Maple, at no extra cost, the Sierra has a brighter and crisper professional quality tone that is easy to play with clarity and good note separation Tuned: g,D,G,B,D in standard G tuning I kept leaning towards the mahogany sound but it seems with a good setup, they all can sound good. We want you to keep improving and your appreciation and support means a lot to us. Bela Fleck plays a mahogany banjo and gets a very warm tone from his banjo. The Black Diamond banjo evolved from requests for a fancier banjo than the Deluxe but with the same sweet tone of a mahogany banjo. Mahogany is a much less dense wood than maple. More reviews, Testing the Differences between a Mahogany and Maple Banjo Neck, Playing By Ear Banjo Workshops with Ross Nickerson, St Pete Beach Banjo Camp - Annual Ross Nickerson Banjo Workshop, "Ask The BanjoTeacher" Question and Answer Free Banjo Lesson Articles with Ross Nickerson, Fixing Banjo Timing - Banjo Tab Exercises. CreekRunner - Posted - 03/15/2014:  20:22:53. Nechville Galaxy Phantoms introduce the tunneled 5th string, eliminate the need for a 5th string tuning peg while keeping the banjo tuning. Maple ( a nice bright light coloured wood) makes a nice bright sound Mahogany (a dark wood) makes a deep mellow sound Walnut ( a warm brown wood) makes a warm round sound somewhere in between maple and mahogany.....This all sounds a bit too trite to me! The harder maple neck absorbs less of the string energy so the string energy vibrates stronger at the bridge…which makes the banjo sound a bit louder. While mahogany features a tighter and thinner grain pattern that makes it harder to cut, maple is hard enough to resist the scuffs and scrapes associated with foot traffic while also retaining an easy workability during construction. With the standard Mahogany, the Sierra has the sweet sound of this tropical wood with slightly less sustain than maple or walnut. … If youre looking for that classic bluegrass banjo tone and look _ this is the banjo for you. Traditionally it is believed that maple gives a brighter, more piercing sound than walnut or mahogany. The Deering Sierra 5-string Bluegrass Banjo has been the most popular Deering professional level banjo for almost 30 years. If you make neck wood a first specification, do it for it's appearance.I tried a number of Hubers at IBMA including a style 41/75 that had a mahogany resonator and maple neck, and the difference between that and all-mahogany 3/75s nearly couldn't be heard in the general noise of the trade show room. Is maple a more sharp sounding and the tones of Mahogany and Walnut more mellow? I have owned both maple and mahogany banjos and the Maple ones are definitely bright and crisp. All Rights Reserved. The mahogany banjos definitely have a deeper, woodier sound and seem to have a louder low end. Greg Boyd's House of Fine Instruments The Banjo CruiseThe Banjo Cruise Workshop is held in a large private conference room that is essentially sound proof and separate from all other passengers. Sierra 5-String Deering Banjo Available in Maple or Mahogany See Ross Nickerson's Deering Sierra Banjo Videos, Maple Sierra and Mahogany Sierra. The RK-R20 is a great banjo for intermediate players ready to level up or those who want a banjo that delivers classic banjo looks without the vintage price tag.  ARCHIVED TOPIC: Maple, Mahogany or Walnut banjo? What is your preference? Well Mr Danger, here's the problem, are you out of words, men get only 2000 words per day. It also can serve as encouragement too, for instance I recorded myself early on and when I heard it, I thought, that's pretty good, I could get good at this if I keep practicing and have been playing ever since. You might choose wood in the end based on what appearance you like best.I did a serious A/B comparison on a 1990s Gibson JD Crowe RB 75 and Granada several years ago, set up as close as I could reasonably get them. stanleytone - Posted - 03/15/2014:  16:47:18. I am loving mine. Maple makes for a brighter banjo with more sustain and Mahogany for a mellower sounding banjo and often with a crack to it. Related: Mahogany vs Rosewood. Filed Under: Buying Guides, Guitar selection. I adjusted the action to be very close to how it was originally. This was a well presented education on the different qualities of different woods . Read reviews about our Banjo Books, DVDs, Banjo CDs, Banjo Lessons Online The Banjo Encyclopedia, Banjo Camps and Workshops Banjos on Sale , Banjo Accessories Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction. … I wont mention names of those that I have had, but never liked them, always been a fan of maple, and I like a good mahogany. Strings: Comes with Deering Light Gauge Strings tuned to in standard G tuning (g,D,G,B,D) Maple, Hickory and Ash are bright and Yellow in toneCherry is OrangeBlack Walnut is IndigoBamboo sings its own song in GreenAnd the Bass resident copper Mahogany, banjogirlygirl - Posted - 03/16/2014:  16:35:57, banjogirlygirl - Posted - 03/16/2014:  16:39:46, Nick Danger - Posted - 03/16/2014:  21:44:02, I know, I ran out of darn words.Maple, Hickory and Ash are bright and Yellow in toneCherry is OrangeBlack Walnut is IndigoBamboo sings its own song in GreenAnd the Bass resident copper Mahogany, BlueRanchRider - Posted - 03/17/2014:  05:43:25. When paired with our -06- bell bronze tone ring, the Deluxe comes alive and gives you a banjo that will stand out from the pack. Setup seemed about the same on each one so far as I could tell with head tension. Annual Banjo Workshop weekend in Sunny St Pete Beach Florida! Our experienced advice and service comes from someone who really cares about your progress. you can see down into the wood, has low runout, so builders can count on straight grain. But listen to Earl Scruggs' Granada which was maple and hear how deep and full it sounds. The banjo is heavier than a Gibson of the period, which implies to me a bronze tone ring. Mahogany. I am not disagreeing with anyone. I can't tell a big difference between my mahagony GF-85 and my maple RK-35 but they are both set exactly the way I like it. The Pope - Posted - 03/16/2014:  10:44:48. See our vintage Gibson inventory, plus new banjos from Prucha, OME, Williams and more. A mahogany neck is very stable due to the density of the wood, which reduces the risk of warping over time. Sincerely, Ross Nickerson / 1-866-322-6567, ...you guys are great and i appreciate your rapid response and quick action in taking care of your customers needs. DVD-quality lessons (including tabs/sheet music) available for immediate viewing on any device. With the optional Maple at no extra cost, the Sierra is also available with a brighter and more focused tone quality. This is most likely due to the fact that Earl Scruggs, the king of bluegrass banjo, played a maple banjo and had a very bright tone. Well Mr Danger, here's the problem, are you out of words, men get only 2000 words per day. J.D. The maple banjo had the loudest high end, and definitely had the best articulation of individual notes. When used as the neck wood on your banjo it will give the instrument a much warmer tone than maple. These questions may drive which direction to go in terms of choice of wood, if you're not in a position to try out a specific banjo beforehand. http://www.banjohangout.org/archive/281488, 'For Sale: 2007 Deering Sierra Banjo in Mint-Excellent Condition'. Or go off what your favorite player picks what sound most appeals to you, BanjoJeff - Posted - 03/15/2014:  17:16:31. It's one the reason why banjo players you hear on recordings are still distinguishable as THEM, no matter what banjo they are playing. Questions and answers to student questions and emails. Osage Orange, Grapefruit and Cherry = lifesaver rims.Good luck on your quest, I confer with people even if they don't buy through me.I invite you to look at 'century modern' on my website, using new tech to make things last a hundred years. One of my students purchased a new Nechville Flextone banjo from me through my business Banjoteacher.com. But neither one should have too much of an impact on the sound. Turn my observations around, and I would say there was a tiny difference in note decay between those banjos. Banjo Rim Shootout: Three Ply Maple Vs. Block Style - YouTube The walnut neck gives the banjo a perfect balance of brightness and warmth. You may, however, start a new topic and refer to this topic with a link: http://www.banjohangout.org/archive/281488, banjogirlygirl - Posted - 03/15/2014:  15:32:05. Earls banjo was maple, and usually a maple neck in it. Even banjos with same neck wood and same set up, may differ whether the fingerboard is rosewood or ebony (Gibson Scruggs vs. Granada, for instance).I recommend you take your time to play LOTS and LOTS of banjos of varying wood, construction, etc. Edited by - Nick Danger on 03/15/2014 15:45:51, lightgauge - Posted - 03/15/2014:  16:43:03. The owner has not had it apart since 1976 (!). Enjoy! Take your playing to the next level with the help of a local or online banjo teacher. Free Banjo Videos and Banjo Lessons from Banjo Master and Teacher, Ross Nickerson. You liking it is all that matters. BanjoTeachers submit your name to our Banjo Teacher List. Each piece of wood can vary, but your generalities are the standard thinking with mahogany more mellow, then walnut, and maple more crisp. Some musicians prefer instruments made from maple or walnut, which are harder, more dense woods that tend to produce brighter sounds. Commonly known as Honduran mahogany, this type of wood is often associated with Gibson guitars. Maple vs. Mahogany. I didn’t think it would make much difference but it did....I’m attaching the four recordings. J.D. While reading these you should be able to see many questions you have had as well. The open pores are more responsive than maple necks and remain much less dense. Click over to our banjo resources pages and see sample videos, video performances, more articles, hear MP3', banjo tablatures and our banjo teacher list for the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia. Earls banjo was maple, and usually a maple neck in it.Walnut is an in between, offers good cracking tone as well as can be sweet and mellowMahogany is generally considered to be the most mellow, IVe played all 3 each can have all of the traits described depending on setup. Hard to find Nechville banjos in stock! maple is going to sound the brightest, have the most crack and bite. This is an annual Florida banjo event and held during the winter months for locals,winter residents and students who want to escape the cold while improving their banjo playing, and having fun doing it. Banjo#2 Prucha maple top tension maple with copper patina hardware. Deering Golden Era Mahogany. I bought a '74 RB250 new and the bronze ring in it was light, at 2 lb. We've included the components for true banjo vibe, including a rolled brass tone ring, mahogany resonator and planetary tuners. It happens subconsciously and it is something that develops in your playing as your progress. When used as the neck wood on your banjo it will give the instrument a much warmer tone than maple. Those are specifications, and you have some, just need more help.I think most of us want to hear the music, regardless of what kind of wood.We all find Maple is bright, more highs.Cherry sits in the middle, more mid-range.Mahogany is more COPPER colored in tone, warm, bass resident.So for some banjos where the rim is a tone ring holder, the wood doesn't matter, and with clones, they don't seem to care, this is what you get, you already have one.Now, how would you like a twin turbo with no hood scoop? It’s quite a bit harder than mahogany or koa also, but a good builder will adapt to the density and I have heard some real nice all maple ukes. The rosewood fingerboard and peghead feature the … Students please use this free service to find a banjo teacher near you, banjo teachers please help me build the list! Deering Sierra Mahogany 5-String Banjo with Case $2,699.00 $3,000.00. Gold Tone OB-150RF Radiused Fingerboard 5-String Banjo With Case. Both of mine are set up similarly... same bridge, same head tension. It is fair to suggest that the majority of banjos manufactured since the early 20th century have been mahogany and nickel. The Banjo Safari Join me for an unforgettable once-in-a-lifetime experience traveling to Africa for an African Photo Safari. jswkingsfield - Posted - 03/15/2014:  17:48:55. Good luck. What's the difference? The difference was SLIGHT, and took a lot of concentration in a very quiet room to notice it, and longer to find words to express the difference. On Friday, I recorded a couple of songs on the Nechville Flextone using the maple neck and then I put on the mahogany neck with GHS PF 150 strings, they appear to be about the same gauge as the original. Above, I put in italics the words when playing by yourself because this is another X factor. Please note this is an archived topic, so it is locked and unable to be replied to. A Maple top typically does not project or have the “body” of softer tone woods like Spruce or cedar. Bela Fleck plays a mahogany banjo and gets a very warm tone from his banjo. Thread starter KoopaS; Start date Nov 30, 2009; Nov 30, 2009 #1 KoopaS Well-Known Member. They get to choose. Some feel it is a sweeter tone. tony wall - Posted - 03/16/2014:  04:12:20, howya guys this is my tuppance worth/ i play 94 bill kieth walnut classic with a tennesse 20 hole tone ring it is so loud and has crisp cutting tone all the way up the neck/ i had a red fox maple banjo but the bill kieth beats it hands down for tone and volume my friend has a gibson its mahogany its a lot more mellow and dosent have the volume but its still a very nice banjo /for me the walnut is does it all the time hope this helps regards tony/PS the bill kieth is 94, Helix - Posted - 03/18/2010: 04:52:18I use a knock note, higher knock note for more grain fibers per sq.inch.Mahogany has chatoiance (sp.) ... Gold Tone MM-150 Maple Mountain Openback 5-String Banjo With White Ladye Tone Ring $824.99 $1,099.99. The Maple Blossom is made from Eastern violin grade curly maple and stained with a dark walnut stain. What do you pros think? Nice work.What I found with my black walnut rim that is 100-year old wood is that it gave me just a little more of everything.With different rims and styles of build, then different things come into play = overtones. I really like both a lot but for now my hatfield Buck Creek custom is my main banjo. He could not decide between a maple or mahogany neck so he had an ingenious idea that no one had tried before, HE GOT BOTH. If possible, you should visit a store and try to play them for yourself.
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