I tried three different headsets, tried using using it on the phone but still nothing. So one day while me and my other 2 friends were playing a half-life 2 mod, one of my friends mics just stopped working, i could hear the other friends mic just fine, after doing everything we could to hear him nothing worked, at first we thought it was his headset but then found out that we couldn't even hear him through mobile. I too am having the same issue. Is there a fix for my app or the chrome page? We start out okay - my friend can both see the stream (albeit a little laggy but I blame that on internet connection) and we can chat. 0. Open Discord application, Open settings by clicking the gear icon in the left bottom section. So it isn’t a problem on my end. X58-X79-X99 -X299 lads: Intel HEDT Xeon/i7 Megathread Today, I'm going to show you how to fix friends being able to hear your desktop audio and music fast and easy! Tip: Avoid choosing wrong output devices for that you need to follow the instructions. … Many thanks. Using mic and headphone separately increase the chance that people won’t hear you on Discord or you can’t hear people on Discord. Choosing the default output device. If they refreshed their browser tab, they could hear me for a short period of time. Me and my friend are trying to talk through discord but he can't hear me while I can hear him. My friends can hear me just fine thou. One mutes the mic, the other 'deafens' (mutes your headset, so you can't hear anything). Half the people in the channel could hear me while half saw my icon flashing but heard nothing. Discord detects my microphone and even lights up on when i talk on input sensitivity. If you mic isn't muted, everyone can still hear you. When I join a channel my portrait lights up green like I am talking but nobody can hear me and I can hear people perfectly. Can’t Hear Anyone On Discord. They can still see my stream and hear me but I can't hear … #3. Get Games Up To 90% Off! We tried calling on whatsapp and that worked but not discord. I tried resetting voice settings, and I tried reinstalling discord, but voice chat still isn't working. Use to work fine before, the mic will work for the first few seconds I enter a voice channel then it'll seem like everything is working, but my friends can't hear me. Please share. DIscord is broken. Every time we try to stream, my friends can't talk to me. However via Chrome it works fine and we can communicate. I know my mic isn't the problem because i use it in the in game chat and other voice apps and people can hear me perfectly. So my friends have a server we play league in and whenever I use the discord desktop app they won't be able to hear me. It has channels like Slack to keep conversations organized by topic and it has audio and video calling. I've purchased an entirely new headset, uninstall and reinstall countless of times, tried all voice settings even reinstalled windows nothing. It affects even the movies I have posted in my discord as well. So I went through all the debugging steps and tips the troubleshoot guide gave me but nothing. So if anyone have any tips or tricks that can help. But that only lasts for a couple minutes and then my friend gets booted. So in the voice chat, it says that my mic is picking up my voice and my friends can see the green line around my icon when I talk, but they can't hear me. Discord is broken. If you mic isn't muted, everyone can still hear you. Discord is a very capable communications app; it supports every communication tool that you can find on other popular apps like Skype and Microsoft Teams. Epic fail! Friend cant hear me but my mic works fine ... Voice doesn't work ingame, we and my friend used discord instead and we got a much better experience. Please help guys. Yet another problem arises as all bots don't work for me (jukebox bot Steve in particular). I can't hear ANYTHING.
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