While choosing a lantern, choose rounder shapes and use white CFL, it creates … Diwali or Deepvali translated means line of light. Diwali is just round the corner, and music and telly stars plan to enjoy the festival of lights without increasing noise and air pollution by bursting crackers. New Delhi, Nov 12 (IANS) Diwali is just round the corner, and music and telly stars plan to enjoy the festival of lights without increasing noise and air pollution by bursting crackers. Ranchi. Diwali is around the corner… Today is Danthera it is the night before little Diwali and Friday night is big Diwali. Here’s how you can connect with your clients safely. Diwali 2020: Deepavali or Diwali week is just round the corner. So, my dear girls, Diwali, is round the corner. As much as you might be looking forward to burst firecrackers, if you have a pet, remember, it’s the most dreaded time for them. So there is rush at paints shop. It is that time of the year again when festivities and socializing are the highlights. With Diwali round the corner, we are happy to see people walking into the store and shopping. Home News & Opinion News. As such, in some instances, in-person meetings become necessary. Inkhabar. Remember, drug treatment should only be used with veterinary advice. With Diwali round the corner, Delhi faces third Covid-19 wave amid rising pollution. If you still haven't gotten the perfect dress for your celebrations. Wish them a happy festive season and then find out the help they need in insuring themselves. “Firstly, close all windows so that limited sound enters your home. If you find any stray animal in fear, always try to help it out in whatever way you can. While playing the sounds, give your dog something enjoyable such as his favourite food or simply play with him. The growth of your business is dependent on your clients and if you connect with your clients effectively, your business would boom. Diwali 2020: Diwali is round the corner, if you are still searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones, we have got your back.Check out these 5 best gifts to surprise your loved ones this festive season. Govt to hold talks with farmers on December 1 as protests intensify, India refuses to support China’s Belt and Road project at SCO meet, No toilets, a sanitation challenge at farmer agitation sites in Delhi, Need to know origin of coronavirus, says WHO chief Tedros. Since this is the festive season what better way to connect than to send sweets? Delhi: Diwali round the corner, footfall in markets sees rise Ananya Tiwari. You, therefore, need to be very careful when meeting with clients so that you and your clients do not face a chance of infection. The thing that best signifies the festival of lights, Diwali is Traditional Diya. Beware of adulterated sweets, Diwali is round the corner. Diwali is round the corner, don’t forget to comfort your furry friends Diwali is around the corner. Comfort is keyMaking the little one feel comfortable is most important. Updated: Sep 25, 2019, 12:58 IST. Diwali is round the corner . The Diwali season is all about celebrations and fresh beginnings where you look forward to the coming year with a positive outlook. Do not ever tease stray animals by tying crackers on their tails. Singer Guru Randhawa is in Delhi to celebrate Diwali with family. With Diwali round the corner the Railways is running extra special trains for clearing the rush of travellers who wants anyhow to reach their homes before the Laxmipujan. Hi friends as Diwali is round the corner, you would want to look the best as well your home to look the best. Get your outfit with dazzling jewellery to jazz up your events . The festival of lights is just round the corner, and he feels it is incomplete without family. Go the untraditional way and gift your near and dear ones with the gift of health. 26-10-2020. Assam CM opens back channel to negotiate with protesters in Tripura. Here’s how you can connect with your clients safely. Chennai, It is time for you to set aside the negativity surrounding the pandemic and start your business afresh. Sending sweets to your clients would not only give them season’s greetings, it would also tell them that you consider them important. Diwali is the festival everyone looks forward to, the festive magic fills … Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone and the ease of connecting with a phone call has increased. Here’s how, Mutual funds give attractive returns. If video calling is not your preferred alternative, phone call is always the best solution. In more serious cases, seek expert advice to help deal with these problems. If you find any animal injured or in a terrorised state you could call up animal welfare organisations such as Friendicoes at 011-24314787 or 24320303 or Wildlife SOS at 9871963535. The deafening sound of crackers might leave your otherwise happy go lucky pet trembling with fear. We are a one stop need . Diwali Is Round The Corner! They can suffer significant burns and body damage, and our fun can lead to the poor animal’s death. Desensitise your petThere are still 10 days left for Diwali. Grow your sales and knowledge about insurance industry. With Diwali round the corner, people this year are focused on precautionary measures to celebrate the festival with a pledge to spread more light and less noise. Diwali is round the corner and offices and businesses have got into a holiday mood in what is the first 'break' this pandemic season. So, video call your clients and connect with them to find out what exactly that they need. Diwali celebration is round the corner in India and it will happen in this Pandemic situation. Mintpro is the best insurance advisor app if you are looking to start, grow or manage your insurance business. All Rights Reserved. As festive season is around with Diwali round the corner it is so much of excitement and happiness among the people for the festival of Diwali. You can easily call up your clients and speak to them to find out their insurance requirements. Careers, Fintech Blue Solutions Private Limited. Some might even get restless and start barking incessantly. Let’s find out how. Here’s how, The insurance business looked up in September. Hyderabad: With Diwali just round the corner, animal rights activists and pet owners are a worried lot. Privacy and Terms, Diwali is round the corner. Delhi’s Covid-19 trouble has made a comeback, with the Capital witnessing a significant surge in daily cases for the third time since the pandemic began. This will only make it aggressive,” he adds. Insurance is a technical subject and sometimes your clients might need your presence to solve their queries and buy a suitable product. They also look forward to celebr Diwali and Halloween Are Round the Corner H appened that these two festivals coincide almost on the same dates. You can also do a WhatsApp voice call or video call for proper conversation and connect with your clients virtually. Singer Shilpa Rao is going to focus on making food and sweets at home. Around the corner/round the corner definition: If you say that something is around the corner , you mean that it is very near. But the mood of people is still upbeat at this festival. Diwali is round the corner. Since the lockdown has been lifted, you can easily meet with your clients if needed. Your email address will not be published. Use the above-mentioned ways to connect with your clients in a safe yet effective manner and start your insurance business on a positive note. Copyright © HT Media Limited All rights reserved. Do a WhatsApp video call, connect on Zoom or on Skype, there are different mobile applications which allow you free video calls with which you can talk to people face to face. New Delhi, Nov 12 : Diwali is just round the corner, and music and telly stars plan to enjoy the festival of lights without increasing noise and air pollution by bursting crackers. The best way to find help is to ask your vet, who can then give you a treatment program tailored for your dog. Carry a sanitizer and sanitize yourself both before and after the meeting to avoid the possibility of catching the infection. You could comfort it by leading it to a cosy zone in your garden and put some food and water for it. If nothing works, go for mild sedatives to calm your pet. HYDERABAD: The festivals of Dasara and Diwali are round the corner, and smart people are avoiding social gatherings due to Covid-19. We are not allowing customers to try on the garments … The Diwali season is all about celebrations and fresh beginnings where you look forward to the coming year with a positive outlook. Desensitisation programs will not work overnight and also require patience to be effective. 101, Prime Corporate Park, Sahar Village, Andheri (East), Mumbai – 400 099, 2020 mintpro. By Dr Kallahalli Umesh, Care for the straysBurst crackers in a limited and a centralised location so that stray animals, which do not have covered spaces to hide, are not disturbed. Delhi, Mumbai, Lucknow, Patna, The sound of explosions echo around Pune tonight. While lighting aroma oils in the room might also come in handy, dog appeasing pheromone sprays may also have a similar calming effect on your pet,” says veterinary physician Dr Satbir Josan. Here are, therefore, five safe ways of reconnecting your clients which would not only help you avoid the possibility of an infection and also help you generate sales and grow your business –. On the auspicious occasion of Diwali 2020 learn how to make 'Chakali' at home. Thus when Diwali is round the corner, the one thing that is on high demand is beautifully carved Diyas. IPL 2020: England & Australia Players Arrive UAE wearing PPE Kits You can also fix up an appointment with them on the call and meet them personally if they need a more personalized assistance. This can be the best way of connecting with them as it would remind them of your services and you can approach them for new business. We have chosen the gifts keeping in mind the change in our lifestyles following the pandemic. "It is a great time to reconnect with our loved ones, especially after the lockdown. There are a number of things that you can do to help your dog cope with such anxiety, and minimise their fear and discomfort. Delhi: Diwali round the corner, footfall in markets sees rise “Things are definitely getting better, with more and more people coming to markets like Connaught Place to shop for the past 15 days or so, especially during weekends,” said Atul Bhargava, president of the New Delhi Traders’ Association. Diwali also marks the Hindu New Year and this can be the right time for you to reconnect with your clients and give a boost to your business. Diwali 2020: Check out the recipe for 'Chakali' Chakali is a must in almost every ones list when Diwali is round the corner. Diwali 2020 is just round the corner, and music and telly stars plan to enjoy the festival of lights without increasing noise and air pollution by bursting crackers. Send your clients WhatsApp greetings and then chat with them regarding their insurance requirements. Though Diwali is a festival of lights but the people keep their surroundings clean ,colourful and find an opportunity to give their homes a new look by painting. Indore, With MintPro, you can become a trusted insurance advisor to your customers and provide great service as well. Practice social distancing and always wear a mask at all times when meeting with your clients. Let’s have a look at the best funds in the market, Different investment strategies for different days of Diwali, July 2020 was an exceptional month for insurers. https://www.hindustantimes.com/india/diwali-is-round-the-corner-don-t-forget-to-comfort-your-furry-friends/story-Anzv6DYIBqPLwED2ioflMM.html, Diwali is round the corner, don’t forget to comfort your furry friends, https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/covid-19-what-you-need-to-know-today/story-efT6P8i2gPxXo6IfNIHpxO.html, https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/oppn-rallies-behind-farmers-slams-govt/story-yHQNBOOdgn0sZjSsp84XhK.html, https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/new-storm-may-hit-south-coast/story-A0Vw8laMASqOjGlicImHoM.html, https://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/prof-emeritus-vishwa-nath-datta-dead-at-94/story-w8vVQK4xiMeIAPlFMurqwM.html, Prof Emeritus Vishwa Nath Datta dead at 94. Follow. Diwali is round the corner and we all here in Delhi are contemplating on which sweets we should bring home this time and from which place. With Diwali round the corner, everyone is in the festive mood despite the COVID-19 scare in the country. The proliferation of the internet has made sharing of messages extremely easy. Subscribe now. Diwali is around the corner. Take a fat free route when it comes to gifting this Diwali. Diwali 2020 is one of the most anticipated times of the year and preparations for it have begun with the start of the month itself. You can provide quotes from multiple insurers for multiple products, issue policy instantly without lengthy paperwork, follow-up with leads and much more. It is a celebration of light over darkness. These should initially be played at a very low volume and gradually you can increase the pitch. However, you can still buy CDs or tapes of fireworks sounds to get it acclimatised with the sounds. Diwali, the festival of lights is round the corner. This year Narak Chaturdashi or Choti Diwali, which is normally celebrated a day ahead of Diwali is on the same day. It is important to seek expert advice to help desensitise your dog to the sound of fireworks.Take your dog for a good walk during the day before fireworks start being let off. Explains why, Prasar Bharti orders 15-min Sanskrit bulletins, TN leaders slam Centre, Covid update: Moderna asks US, EU for emergency use; Delhi caps RT-PCR test, Mosul review: Brutal Russo brothers film is worthy follow-up to Extraction, Karan Johar reacts as troll calls him ‘favourite wife’ in Fabulous Lives, Aggrieved Channel 7 says Cricket Australia ‘terrified’ of BCCI, Himanshi Khurana slams ‘shameless’ Kangana’s comments on farmer protests, His iconic kitchen deftly balancestradition with modern innovation, HTLS 2020: Resetting the coordinates for the journey to the future, Did pollution kill Brit girl? CSIR Develops Environment-Friendly Firecrackers For A Safe And Green Diwali CSIR scientists have developed less-polluting firecrackers which are not only environment-friendly but 15-20 per cent cheaper than the conventional ones, Union Minister for Science and Technology Harsh Vardhan said at a conference here. On one hand we have the legendary sweet shops whose sweets are a slice of history and nostalgia while on the other we have an equally promising cluster of new establishments whose fares cater to the modern aspirations. Even in your insurance business you can connect with your clients through WhatsApp. With Diwali Just Round The Corner, Here's How You Can Shop It All On A Budget! Few thing I have learnt over a period of time I would like sharing: 1. Now, you can easily connect with people through video calls. Rooted in Hindu religous stories, it is a festive time for Hindus. . Diwali is round the corner and we all look for some unique and profound messages to share with our dear ones. With Diwali round the corner, Delhi faces third Covid-19 wave amid rising pollution. The threat of COVID infection has not subsided and the infection is still spreading unchecked. Diwali celebrations signify a deep insurance connection. The lockdown might have been lifted but the pandemic is not yet over. “Consult your vet and go for a light tranquiliser that will make it slightly drowsy. Never throw lighted crackers on them or fling puppies or kittens into burning crackers. It is that time of the year again when festivities and socializing are the highlights. WhatsApp has become a very popular mode of communication as it gives you ease of connecting with individuals. New Delhi: Diwali is just round the corner, and music and telly stars plan to enjoy the festival of lights without increasing noise and air pollution by bursting crackers.They also look forward to celebrating the festival in a different way owing to the pandemic. You can even dab cotton balls in the ears,” advises Dr Kallahalli Umesh, Waltham Scientific communication manager. The festival of lights – Diwali is round the corner and designing and using the best Diwali poster templates for Social Media marketing has become a challenge for most social media marketers. In... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon, However, this is just a temporary solution and will not actually cure the problem. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. With time your dog should stop associating the sounds with something scary and will begin to associate them with pleasant experiences such as eating. Thanks to the development of technology, the need of physical meetings has been eliminated. Even though this year, we won’t be able to meet our loved ones physically, we will still be FaceTiming, and the world knows, that when on video call..your outfit won’t matter as much as your skin will. Diwali is on the 30th of October this year , and Halloween, well, as usual is on the 31st of October :) I like this because this way we celebrate cultures' chord for real! You could also distract him with some goodies or by turning up the volume on the TV to help mask the sounds of fireworks. This wedding and festive season, ditch your conventional salwar for the sharara. You can also check out this video for successful video and audio calling tips when connecting with your clients –, Your email address will not be published. So, call up your clients and talk to them. 2 years ago | 1 view. Try and avoid meeting in-person but if the situation demands, be extremely careful. Jaipur, Inquest to find out, India vs Australia 1st ODI Live Streaming. By ankita sejpal. “Most importantly, never punish your dog for being afraid. Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Bhopal While reconnecting with clients is important for generating sales, you need to be cautious in doing so. Next, let your dog be in a safe and cosy place where it can hide, and do not disturb it when he goes into this area. In fact the most important part of Diwali celebration is lighting traditional earthen diyas at home and everywhere around. Required fields are marked *, Earnings from Insurance ❘ He says it is a great time to reconnect with loved ones, especially after lockdown. , Chandigarh , Dehradun,
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