capacitors can also look fine and fail also . Obviously the circuit was designed for approximately the full value, so it isn’t going to work correctly at 1/10 the capacitance. If they appear bulged on top, then they need to be replaced. You can examine the capacitors in your LCD TV or monitor and actually see if they are bad. - Vizio Television. Yep, I've seen it, and it was only by the way the symptoms seemed typical to that kind of problem and dumb luck that we tried wiring another in parallel to the suspected one that we discovered it. all capacitors are good not physical damage. I've looked at the circuit boards and can't seem to tell if any capacitors have gone bad. after replacing the board LJ41-06613A. A quick check of the fuse should be the first step, but if the fuse is good, then the problem lies elsewhere. i have a samsung plasma tv model; ps42b430p2w that was making a clicking sound and not powering on. The primary cause of LCD TV and monitor failure *may*be faulty capacitors. Well, their electrolyte dried up and leaked, so what do you expect? what can i do A capacitors job is to block dc, allow ac currents to … The bad capacitors have a much lower capacitance than their specified value. I think most of the time this happens it goes unfixed unless you have a good in-circuit capacitor tester tool. Samsung has set up a Web site to deal with the proposed settlement of a class action lawsuit applying to certain older TVs plagued by a faulty capacitor. so i change the bad that i assume was bad . I have a Capacitor/ESR meter. Fault Symptoms Arising from Bad, Leaking or Blown Capacitors The diagnosis for any faulty apparatus will be different in each case. If you provide us with more details about what model your TV is as well as what the symptoms are, we might find more information for you. the \Tv is turning on now no clicking sound, but it stays blank no pictures. How can I check to see which one is bad?
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