Or, maybe reading about how dangerous sharks are, we believe that sharks pose more threat to humans. But maybe the next facts will make you feel better about swimming with them. Usually. This makes sense, because sharks are mindless killing machines, and will take anyone’s life if they get a chance. In fact, while we’ve been led to believe that sharks are the most dangerous thing you can find in the water, they’re not on the top of the food chain in our world’s oceans. Killer whales are suspected to be behind the disappearance of great white sharks off Cape Town’s coast over the last few years, according to a … They believe that we should protect the danger and put sharks … However, there are some people who think otherwise. Humans target sharks for so many reasons which include their meat, skin, oil, fins, and so on. The tale of the shark has been greatly misunderstood and exaggerated over the years, but the real facts are even more interesting than the myths. The shark fin trade — and the consumption of shark fin soup — is dangerous to human health. We taught those sharks, all of them extremely dangerous, respect in a few frantic minutes. “There are more than 400 species of sharks out there, and only maybe 20 or so are ones that we really need to worry about,” said George H. Burgess, director of the Florida Program for Shark Research. “We’re not on the menu.” This is one of the most common questions we receive. Great Whites get most of the headlines but Bull Sharks may be the most dangerous shark of them all. The first beasts to approach us were hit by my shark billy (a 1.2-m long wooden club with a blunt end), bashed by Ron’s metal camera housing, or punched in the gills by fellow cameramen Stan Waterman and … Sharks, he argues, are less intent on making a meal of us than we’ve led ourselves to believe. Of course, people are the most dangerous animals of all. Whale Sharks are not Dangerous. In the last three years alone, there have been seven innocent people killed. Odd items considered more dangerous than sharks include coconuts, vending machines and toilets. Murder aside, between 1984 and 1987, 6,339 people reported being bitten by another human in New York City. According to a 2015 poll from market research company Ipsos, 51 percent of Americans say they're scared of sharks and 38 percent admit they're so terrified of the toothy animals that they're … Sharks aren’t nearly as dangerous as we believe they are. As simple as that. But sharks have no reason to target humans. They are just amazing creatures. Most sharks are harmless. If you've ever been wary about so much as sticking your toes in the water at the beach, or have found yourself unable to sit through a screening of Jaws without covering your eyes, you're not alone. 3. Sharks more likely attack surfers because they mistake them for seals. However, statistically, humans pose more threats to sharks than the other way round. They Are Not “Real Sharks” Whale Sharks are officially sharks because they have cartilage instead of a bone by a fin. In fact, they are more afraid of us than we are of them. “They’re not interested in us,” McKeever told The Post. Because, like the Indian Prime Minster Narendra Modi, they too couldn't handle the media better.
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