This entails watering as many Rubber Flower Plants in the frozen heights of Hawk Peak as possible first, as well as unlocking a hidden Hot Springs toward the summit using a Pickaxe. You can even water the Rubber Flower Plant in front of the Abandoned Building for that final boost up to the top, but note that Avery can also make use of this in any rematch. Not Baer’s fault, just those aforementioned out-of-focus graphics my eyes couldn’t handle any more. Beating Avery at least once in all three rarkour races will unlock the Parkour Master Achievement! Simply head north from Sid Beach along the Hawk Peak Trail and look northeast of a Ram who is looking for a missing Watch. Beachstickball is a mini-game you can join after speaking to the crew at a beach in the northern end of Hawk Peak Island. There are a total of twenty feathers scattered around the map of A Short Hike. Speak with him and he'll offer his own Headband. The catch is that each parkour challenge will have a set Feather handicap, limiting the maximum Feather gauge available to the player for the duration the respective race. Since Claire cannot simply fly straight up to the Hawk Peak summit, she'll need to climb! Summary Short summary describing this game. Instead, they serve to increase Claire's running, gliding and climbing speeds permanently! 200 ratings. Posted on August 2, 2019. Beach Buds (Long Hike) 11. This will entail a combination of efficient use of Feather actions (climbing and running) in addition to taking advantage of terrain features like Beach Parasols or blossomed Rubber Flowers to boost Claire along the way. Though finding them is easy at first, finding the last few can be a bit of a struggle. It takes around 4-5 hours to unlock all of the achievements on Windows. Though finding them is easy at first, finding the last few can be a bit of a struggle. 1. Introduction Hey! This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Find reviews, trailers, release dates, news, screenshots, walkthroughs, and more for A Short Hike here on GameSpot. Share ; Cheat Codes. Follow the marked trails or explore the backcountry as you make your way to the summit. All Feather Locations. A Short Hike keeps things simple--the crux of her abilities is dependent on the aforementioned golden feathers, which function as a stamina … Somewhere In The Woods (Long Hike… is allowed to hit the ball, though you could try equipping a Pickaxe for an entertaining scene! Speak with manager at the rental office, then agree to pay 100 Coins to rent the Motorboat for as long as you like! A Short Hike. A Short Flight 8. Some may be neat for speed-running or experimenting, some are fun to try out after you finished the game. A Short Hike isn’t just a delightfully relaxing game. Speak with the Wolf NPC who walks along White Coast Trail just southwest of the Ranger's Cabin, in southern Hawk Peak Island. Game profile of A Short Hike (Switch eShop) first released 18th Aug 2020, developed by Adam Robinson-Yu and published by Whippoorwill. As you can imagine, it sure beats swimming! If entered correctly, you should briefly see a Toast icon in the upper left corner of the screen. If you're actually interested in testing any of these out, you should make a backup of your save file first, which you'll find here: C:/Users/[Your user name]/AppData/LocalLow/adamgryu/A Short Hike/GameSaveNew.mountain. The bolded portion is the actual save file, with a MOUNTAIN file format. in order to preserve them for climbing. Press the Use Item button again to empty the the contents of the Full Bucket, which you'll want to do in front of the Rubber Flower Sprouts to water them and help them grow! To enable the Compass, simply activate it from the Inventory. 7. Along the way, meet other hikers, discover hidden treasures, and take in the world around you. Successfully scaling the cliff at the end of Hawk Peak Trail leading to the summit is only the beginning of the trek to the top! I … It’s the walkthrough I watched, although I didn’t make it right through to the end. Below I list all gold and silver feather locations. Also the surprise for digging in the graveyard. Take your time fishing along the river banks or swimming by the lakeshore. Beach Buds (Short Hike) 2. Since this is a single player game it should be okay to reveal the cheats in this game. To Dive, keep the Confirm button held down while Claire is gliding high enough off the ground, then release any directional input (i.e. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Once you grab the Bucket, you can equip it from your Inventory like another Item and ready it with the Use Item button (default B controller / X keyboard). A Short Flight 8. This guide is designed to help you if you struggle with the overall progression. Hawk Peak summit is an extremely cold environment that introduces a new platforming challenge. The A Short Hike walkthrough I’m talking about is a 2-hour and 34-minute video put together by YouTuber BaerTaffy. Simply hold down the Run button while moving in any direction (default B controller / C keyboard). As part of this update, developer adamgryu added a new area to the game called the Orange Islands, located just off the northwestern coast of Hawk Peak Island! The winners of the the 20th annual Game Developers Choice Awards have also been announced as part of the same live-stream as the IGF awards, with several indie games taking out awards next to huge Triple-A titles. While this Icon is active, you can type in the following codes (again using your keyboard) to enable a variety of different effects (again, the game must be paused). To dig just about anywhere in the game, Claire will need to acquire a Shovel. Since this is a single player game it should be okay to reveal the cheats in this game. Scattered throughout the island are mysterious sprouts of the "Helianthus Dissultantis" (Rubber Flower), the official plant of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. As you may have guessed, just transporting a Full Bucket of water to some of the more out of the way Rubber Flower sprouts will be half the battle! Beach Buds (Short Hike) 2. Hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. In order to do so, the game recommends you have at least 7 golden feathers before trying to reach the top. Written by nakami / Aug 1, 2019 Keyboard cheat codes for A Short Hike. Somewhere In The Woods (Long Hike) 12. Any Feathers that players consume will be frozen thanks to the chilling temperatures of the summit, essentially reducing the maximum "stamina gauge" available for use until Claire warms herself back up at fireplaces or Hot Springs scattered throughout Hawk Peak summit. Note that Claire requires at least one Gold Feather to be able to sprint, and how many Gold Feathers she has acquired will determine how long she can keep sprinting! Dig right at the very tip of the Lighthouse's shadow, in the Meteor Lake Overlook area. A Short Hike - Cheat Codes. Boat Buds 5. Hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park in this peaceful & relaxing exploration game. Treasure location: Dig … You can equip the Sunhat from your Inventory like any other accessory. This portion of the beach will be right near a bridge leading to the Orange Islands sign discussing the Helianthus Dissultantis "Rubber Flower". Resist the urge to mash the Use Item button while Claire is moving; not only will this slow Claire down, it will also increase the chance of the player hitting the ball out of bounds, which instantly ends the minigame. There is a "mysterious island" (Pat's Peak) off the eastern coast of Hawk Peak Island that can be accessed by swimming! Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Simply move around the surface of the water like you would if you were on the ground. Players must have the Stick equipped; no other Item (e.g. There are a total of twenty feathers scattered around the map of A Short Hike. You'll need this extra Hot Spring to warm Claire back up near the summit of Hawk Peak, regaining the use of any frozen Feathers necessary for the final leg of the race! As for the other NPCs, we've actually discussed them in other pages of the guide, like the Feather Locations page. Claire's opponent always begins first, serving the beachball in her direction. A Short Hike Walkthrough and Guide Introduction Welcome to Neoseeker's walkthrough for A Short Hike, an indie adventure title set on the peaceful and scenic islands of Hawk Peak Provincial Park . Welcome to Neoseeker's walkthrough for A Short Hike, an indie adventure title set on the peaceful and scenic islands of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. As reflex-based minigame, there isn't any real secret to it other than to keep that eye-hand coordination sharp! A Short Hike feels like what you would get if you turned Animal Crossing into an adventure game like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You'll have the option of purchasing a Sunhat from her for 100 Coins, or you can offer 125 Coins instead if you want to show your appreciation for hand-crafted goods. Claire must instead resort to exploring the wilderness of the Hawk Peak Provincial Park on foot, but she still has a few tricks up her sleeve (feathers?). See You At The Top (Short Hike) 4. A Short Hike - All Feather Locations. No cheats - Be the first to submit one! Check here for a full list. Find all Golden and Silver Feathers, and locate all species of fish using our guide! Players must press the Use Item button (default B controller / X keyboard) while the Stick is equipped to hit the beachball back across the net. The more of these that players unlock, the faster Claire will be when she performs these actions, making them a huge boon during the parkour race challenges. Players will likely require some preparation beforehand. Don't forget to read the Boating Manual for instructions on how to pilot the Motorboat, but it's fairly easy to operate with two main buttons to accelerate and go in reverse. Speaking to Avery will allow Claire to participate in "parkour races" from a set point to destination, essentially challenging the player's climbing and gliding skills to make it to the goal before Avery. Full list of all 8 A Short Hike achievements. Follow the shadow of the beachball while it is mid-air to get a better idea of where you should be in order to hit the ball back. Bring the Toy Shovel back to Jim, and he'll give you his Shovel in exchange! The most important Collectibles to unlock in the game are the Feathers, which come in both Golden and Silver varieties. As expected, this is the most challenging race of all because it takes Claire up to frozen areas, including its cold climate that freezes any Feathers already used. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Be on the lookout for spots on the ground that are marked, or any other curious terrain formations. These Gold Feathers function much like a "Stamina Gauge" for Claire, allowing her to make additional Jumps in mid-air after the first jump, or scaling any vertical surface. Unlock this hidden Hot Spring by whacking at a suspicious rock formation near the summit a few times using a Pickaxe. Speak with her, and you'll agree to help pick up all the litter some careless campers left all over the small island!
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